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Create & Monetize your dataDAO

SpatialDAO is a dataDAO Factory that allows created dataDAOs in the platform to make file proposals and bounties for specific commitment pieces. Deal clients, on the other hand, are hunting bounties and making storage deals for DAO-proposed data and getting rewarded for that!
Create your dataDAO
Host your community and persist your DAO files on the filecoin network.
Make file proposals
So the community voters can decide about the files to get stored.
Create file bounties
Incentivize deal makers to store DAO files by rewarding them.

How to use this platform?

  • Create your dataDAO: Choose the DAO admins and voters then create you Decentralized social layer. All that with one click
  • Propose Files: Choose a file that your DAO wants it permanent
  • Create Bounties: Create bunties on succesfully proposed files
  • Reward deal makers: Reward deal clients that claim your dataDAO bounties
  • Connect with DAO members: We offer a decetralized social layer powered by orbis.club for each dataDAO

What's to come?

Integrate OpenZeppelin Proxy pattern Factory
We have plans to create a proxy pattern factory to save gas for our Users.
Integrate OpenZeppelin governor
We have plans to use the Audited Governor from OpenZeppelin and combine it with Tableland once they implement their features on Filecoin that way we are going to minimize the Actor( Smart Contract ) state and save fees for our users.